A man was seen wearing a dashing OCBD from Kamakura Shirts.
He was spotted styling it up with a red and blue striped tie, and a blue pocket square in his jacket.
“Even the cutaway collars looked great!”, an onlooker commented.
“There seems to be plenty of colors, striped and plain fabrics to choose from as well”, he continued.
Pink may not be the first choice for everyone, but it can look pretty suave with a blue tie.
ピンクシャツの着こなしに悩む者もいるが、 ブルーのネクタイとのコーディネートは格別と言えるだろう。
There has been added excitement at the arrival of spread collar Oxfords too.
Although button-down collars are more conventional for this type of fabric,
its unique texture and cultural significance has acquired fans for all styles.
↘その独特な肌触りと服飾文化における重要性は、 どんなスタイルでもファンを得てきた。
The editor must say, her favorite is this mustard yellow.